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While we’re mentioning meal-worthy plants, basil is a great option to have available in your garden whenever your dinner needs a few extra herbs. Beyond that, Happy Sprout explains that the oil found in basil can keep mosquitoes from turning you into a meal. There are various kinds of mint that you can grow in your backyard to keep annoying insects away, such as peppermint (scientific name Mentha × Piperita). Peppermint wards off spiders, flies, and mosquitoes, according to Gardening Know How. Floss flower contains coumarin, a substance that helps repel insects but is poisonous to dogs and people if consumed.

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  • Outside, tansy is a yellow-blooming plant that repels mosquitoes naturally.
  • Its blue-green leaves make it an attractive addition indoors and outdoors.
  • They are known to keep down the population of other insects, so you should not attempt to destroy them or any other beneficial beetle species.
  • I have planted all these plants and much more…however I swear they are mutations because nothing seems to work.
  • Plant basil in pots that you can use as centerpieces or place around your outdoor living areas to ward off mosquitoes.

This type of plant is a hybrid mint, which can be easily available around the world. It grows up to centimeters tall with smooth stems, square in cross-section and typically thrives in moist areas. Mints grow in any soil type at F temperature as well as in cool weather conditions. When peppermint grows, it spreads fragrance and keeps pests away. The extracted peppermint oil has carboxyl esters and high menthol content that effectively works as mosquito repellent and calms your body and senses. Geraniums are scented plants that are also popular for repelling mosquitoes and are recommended by most gardening sites and gardeners themselves.

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Basil – Most natural mosquito repellent plants need to be crushed to be most effective, but this is not the case with basil. Plant basil in pots that you can use as centerpieces or place around your outdoor living areas to ward off mosquitoes. As an added benefit, you will always have this fragrant, flavorful herb on hand when preparing meals. Who knew such a sweet-smelling flower would also be one of the best plants to repel mosquitoes? Fortunately, mosquitoes dislike most of the scents humans find pleasing, and lavender is one of them. Lavender’s calming, flowery scent is about as opposite as you can get from a scent that appeals to mosquitoes.

One of the biggest things you can do is stop water from collecting and standing uncovered. So, if you harvest rainwater, make sure you can cover it. Mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs in a spoonful of water. You can get mosquito rings to put around your bird baths, rain barrels, water gardens, or ponds that will help ward them away. Crisp and bright in scent, peppermint is also natural mosquito repellent.

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This later planting gives the roots a chance to become established in their new home before the heat of summer hits. Lemongrass has a high level of citral, an oil used in mosquito repellants. This ornamental plant tastes great in soups and other dishes. Pregnant women and new moms should stay away from lemongrass because it has been shown to cause birth defects.

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Not for pesto only, basil is a powerful natural mosquito repellent. All of the many varieties of this warm-weather herb discourage mosquitoes from lingering, so choose your favorites and plant them in a sunny spot. Basil is also a companion plant, so it can help other nearby plants in your garden grow and might even enhance their taste. Keep the soil moist, feed monthly with an all-purpose fertilizer, and pinch away any flower buds that develop, as once basil flowers, it stops producing new leaves. Lemon balm contains a compound called citronellal, which has a very similar effect to the highly-repellent citronella.

Citronella thrives in a variety of climates and soils, so it’s also one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain. There are many varieties of this annual plant, but lemon, lime, orange and peppermint pelargoniums are most effective for mosquito repellent. Plant them in a sunny spot, let the soil dry out before watering, and don’t bother fertilizing, as scented geraniums do best in somewhat lean soil.

The strong scent from citronella masks the smell of other attractants . This large plant is normally found in planters but can also thrive in gardens in areas with no frost. Citronella is a low maintenance plant, meaning you’ll be able to repel mosquitoes with little work at all. Variations of this plant name and plants in the same family include citronella grass and citrosum.

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Rub the crushed catnip petals onto your skin or exposed area. It also has a compound called Nepetalactone, which keeps insects away. Lemongrass, also sometimes called citronella grass, is a tropical ornamental grass that naturally repels mosquitoes. Lemongrass has been found to be even more effective at repelling these pests than many commercial mosquito repellent products. Eucalyptus oil makes this an excellent mosquito repellent plant.

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